Cate took my talks to another level. She guided me to become more professional and articulate, without losing my authenticity. I’ve gained so much confidence from our work together and have vastly expanded the range of talks I can deliver in terms of the type of audience, audience size, and duration of the talk.
— Ryan Martin, CMHA, Instagram: mindcycle_canada


Do you have a story you need to tell, but struggle with how to tell it? Are you clear about which story you should be telling to connect with your clients or customers? Do you have to make a pitch or presentation whose outcome is crucial for your organization or business? 

As your coach, Cate will work one-on-one with you every step of the way. She will mentor you on how to FIND the stories you need to tell, and how to CRAFT your stories so you can connect with your audience for the impact you want.

Coaching is an effective and efficient way to close in on a goal.

Our coaching sessions have focused on how to use Story to communicate the importance of systems change. Not only has my communication been clearer and more impactful, but her process has also shifted my thinking and has helped me tell more empowering narratives to myself. Cate’s coaching has been incredibly impactful, and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of her teachings!
— Matt Johnston, The Johnston Group