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The highly anticipated, award-winning, fourth annual SHEday is an opportunity for women in leadership to inspire and facilitate success for other women.

Kerri Twigg and Cate Friesen kick off SHEday with their signature hands-on approach, giving you the tools and the mindset to ground you in your story as you start this day. Discover ways to share your story as the foundation to connect meaningfully with others throughout the day.  At the end of the conference, the duo come back to help connect the dots back to you and your story. Building on the day’s learning and shared discoveries, you will leave SHEday with more than inspiration. Your story matters.

MORE ABOUT SHEDAY: Local and national speakers will share their knowledge, experiences and stories to help women develop their leadership capacity and strength by building networks, creating dialogue and enhancing communication. Join us for a day that includes keynote speeches, short presentations and panel discussions with insightful women from diverse backgrounds. SHEday is proud to offer ample networking opportunities during sponsored breaks, lunch and in the headshot photo arena.