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Stories and Strategy

  • 207 Donald Street Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1M5 Canada (map)

Experience the confidence in knowing your story and how to use it.

Define and establish your story to attract the right opportunities.

Kerri Twigg and Cate Friesen, with their signature hands-on approach, will give you the tools and the mindset to ground you in your story. This session moves beyond theory and you will leave with a strategy on how to share your story in-person, paper and online consistently to support your professional goals.

You’ve built a great career or business, and it’s time to start getting clear on your story.




  • Guided activities designed to help you get clear on your story

  • Instruction on the key concepts in story telling and theory

  • Hands-on time to work on and practice your story within a small group

  • Personalized feedback from Kerri and Cate

  • Resources to use beyond the session to support your story development

  • A strategy map on launching your story to your target audience.

This session is for you IF YOU WANT TO STOP:                    

  • Feeling unsure about how to tell your story        

  • Questioning what story is the most valuable for your audience

  • Losing out on opportunities because you don’t know what to say.

  • Hoping your work is packaged in a way your target will connect with you.

  • Doing reflective work without taking real-life action


  • Sharing a consistent story that builds your brand

  • Feeling grounded in your work and connected with your audience

  • Effectively connecting with your target audience and knowing exactly what to say and when

  • Moving past brand theory and into action

  • Overcoming common obstacles that stop you from taking action

  • Seeing higher conversion rates following interviews, meetings and online interactions

Kerri Twigg is a career coach who has helped people gain confidence in themselves through their stories for over 15 years. Her clients range from maintenance people to robotic engineers. She is a Certified Career and Resume Strategist and has a M.Ed and HR certificate. She regularly coaches people how to use social media to establish their brands, share stories and build networks that support their career goals. 

As the driving force behind The Story Source, Cate Friesen brings together 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, keynote speaker, and award-winning CBC producer. Cate helps you discover and tell your essential stories—both those you tell yourself and those stories about you that you tell others—as a powerful resource to move forward. Through her process, she illustrates how to leverage story to inspire others to act with you. A gifted facilitator and trainer, Cate offers customized workshops, interactive presentations, strategic assessments and personal coaching for leaders, entrepreneur, non-profits, and businesses.