Cate Friesen will facilitate your group – be it your board, staff or members of your organization – to gain the skills they need to tell your organization’s story for lasting impact. 

Cate starts by meeting with you to learn what you are hoping will come from this process, and then tailors her facilitation to your expectations. She also leaves the way open for your group to learn things they might not expect.

Cate creates a safe space where meaningful conversations can take place. She asks the questions that stimulate participants to tell their stories and those of your organization. Questions such as “What do you value?”, “What’s the most important question your organization should ask itself?” or “Why did you end up in this organization?”

Cate also provides your group with the tools to become better “story catchers” – people who truly listen to other’s stories – as they learn to tell their own stories.  And after their stories are told, Cate will show your group how to take those stories, and feed them back into your organization for lasting impact.

Thank you so much for facilitating the start of our storytelling education. I really feel that this helped all of us to really think about why we are on the board and what it means to us. I now have a better understanding of those who share the board table with me and I am so thankful for that group of people. I always consider any meeting/seminar that I attend a success if I have come away with knowledge and this session was brimming with new information!
— Chris Hildebrand, Chair of Winkler Community Foundation Board of Directors