I’m a big fan of Cate Friesen’s Power of Story workshops. Lots of great content and practical, ready-to-use insights to better connect with members, funders and sponsors through storytelling. Too often we can relegate ‘storytelling’ to the marketing/communications team but it’s a powerful tool to disseminate throughout the organization!
— Jill Knaggs, Senior Marketing & Communications Leader

The Story Source offers customized workshops for non-profits and business to help you and your organization harness the power of story.

If you are in the community living sector in Manitoba, registration now open for: Storytelling for Advocacy and Leadership, September 25 & 26.



Stories are a powerful way to connect, to engage, and to motivate people to take action. That makes story an essential leadership skill.

If you need to inspire your team, set a vision for your organization, teach a lesson, illustrate values and work culture, or explain who you are and what you believe in, the skills and knowledge in storytelling and listening need to be part of your leadership toolbox.

This workshop is about leadership as a practice — it’s about how you approach your work.

I am better at centring and articulating who I am now that I am bringing my own story in as a leader, and better at shaping the messages to community members through story.
— Sarah, Regional executive for a national community economic development organization


Storytelling is one of the essential competencies required of today's non-profit leaders. In this workshop, participants learn to use stories to build strong connections, to engage their team, their funders and their clients, and to call more people to action.

You will get hands-on practice, listen to great examples of powerful storytelling, and take away tools that will help you shape stories for different audiences.

An extremely credible subject matter expert with a very practical and encouraging approach to teaching.”

”I’ve got the tools now to further work on a story that can move listeners and funders to action.”
— Workshop participants


Are you passionate about a cause that you want to raise awareness about? Do you want to move others to act with you?

This workshop is for advocates with lived experience, and for staff of organizations who support advocates with lived experience, and want to share their story.

You will be introduced to tools and practices you can use to tell your personal story in a way that is heartfelt and focused, and inspires others to work with you for change.

Cate has a unique ability to connect and embolden those around her to discover and amplify their authentic voice. Through hands-on training and skilled facilitation, Cate has demonstrated that we all have a story to share.
— — Jennifer Partridge, The Winnipeg Foundation
A big thank you to you and your Storytelling course. It has been one of the very valuable stepping stones along my journey to “finding my voice”, telling my story and sharing the many amazing stories and wisdom that our guests have to offer on our new podcast and video show “The Impact Farming Show.” Thank you Cate!
— - Tracy Brunet, CEO at Farm Marketer & Cottage Marketer