Cate Friesen knows about the power of story. As the driving force of The Story Source, she brings together 25 years of experience as an award-winning CBC producer, storyteller and documentary maker, a visionary leader, performer, trainer, and certified facilitator.

Recently Cate, along with David McLeod, led the training for The Winnipeg Foundation’s highly successful professional development program, Fast Pitch 2017.

Cate has a unique ability to connect and embolden those around her to discover and amplify their authentic voice. Through hands on training and skilled facilitation, Cate has demonstrated that we all have a story to share.
— Jennifer Partridge, The Winnipeg Foundation

She has taught non-profit boards how to use story in their roles as ambassadors for their organization. And coached entrepreneurs and leaders in developing their signature stories, through Know Your Story workshops.

As coordinating producer for the Challenge for Change pilot in Steinbach, MB, Cate led community outreach and engagement, and facilitated workshops, listening and storytelling sessions.

Cate recently presented A Strong Foundation - Make Your Story Work for You at QNET’s conference for leaders in Winnipeg.

Before she launched The Story Source, Cate worked at CBC and led the team that created CBC’s multiple award-winning interactive Missing and Murdered: The Unsolved Cases of Indigenous Women and Girls. She also co-designed and implemented training in storytelling for radio, co-created a unique mentorship program based on collaborative learning, and was instrumental in the launch of CBC’s game-changing Indigenous Digital Unit.

As a freelance broadcaster, Cate produced feature documentaries for radio, and hosted a very popular Toronto music show, called Absolutely Folk.

She also worked for 15 years as a singer-songwriter with a strong focus on storytelling, performing extensively across Canada and recording three CDs of original material, including Wayward, Tightrope Waltz and Joy's Disorder.

Cate is a certified facilitator and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education at University of Manitoba. She volunteers with Spark! as a pro bono consultant, providing short-term, project-specific help for nonprofits, in her field of expertise. She is a soccer-playing mother of two, a Quaker and a sponsor for a recently-arrived Syrian family.

Thank you so much for facilitating the start of our storytelling education. I really feel that this helped all of us to really think about why we are on the board and what it means to us. I always consider any meeting/seminar that I attend a success if I have come away with knowledge and this session was brimming with new information!
— Chris Hildebrand, Winkler Community Foundation board
Cate’s my jam! She’s funny, kind and gracious. She was encouraging and full of ideas. And she’s got a great ear for stories. As an interviewer, she asks surprising, thoughtful questions. I hope we’ll find the opportunity to work together again.
— Brielle Morgan, Discourse Media (C4C Pilot Producer)
The Know Your Story workshop offers a powerful reminder in terms of positioning one’s self in business and in the workplace. When you’re solid with “why” you show up and “how” you choose to engage, the effect is amplified so that even a quiet presence can be strongly felt!
— Alanna Keefe, Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba
Cate is a natural leader and one of the best project managers I have worked with. She treats everyone around her with compassion and respect, and is dedicated to always getting the job done right.
— Cecil Rosner, Managing Editor, CBC Manitoba
Working with Cate was a delight!  Her ability to draw out meaningful participation through the inspiration of story-telling transformed a group work event into a creative and joyful experience resulting in progressive outcomes.  She made a measurable impact on the outcome of our session. 
- Lydia Warkentin, DARE Consulting


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